Signature Events

Latinos for a Secure Retirement tailored initiatives, programs, and events with an action-oriented strategy to continue helping improve the economic, political, and social well-being of Hispanic Americans. Since 2011, we have mobilized thousands of Latinos and launched hundreds of programs with innovative partnerships across the country. We believe that to find solutions to the daily challenges of intergenerational families, we need to engage in frank dialogues directly with the community and develop strategies geared toward meeting our collective mission. 



Signature Initiatives


Young Adult Retirement Summit


This annual summit serves as an outstanding platform to discuss the needs of Latinx Millennial & Gen Z workers and issue guidance to better prepare them for financial decisions in their near future. This is just the beginning of what LSR’s promise holds for younger generations in an effort to fight on behalf of aging Latinos and improving the economic security of the Latino community.

Retiring With Dignity


This annual summit brings together Latino leaders, pension development peers, retirement experts, congressional members to discuss common policy issues, affirm shared values and commit to concerted actions about improving the lives of Latinx intergenerational families. We share solutions in the battle for:


equitable retirement security; dual caregiving needs of children and aging parents; the ever-increasing costs-of-living; and student loan relief.


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Culturally Responsive Initiatives 


Cafecito y Recursos | National & Community Cafecitos


Our community cafecitos (coffee chats) are hosted in various targeted locations to share resources with older adults and their communities. All conversations are followed by a training on using the NCOA BenefitsCheckupTool© to apply for money-saving benefits.


2020 Partner: National Council on Aging (NCOA), visit or follow @NCOAging on social media.


Cafecito y Dinero | National Cafecitos


Our curated Cafecito y Dinero webinars bring essential information on Savings & Planning to aid Latino families in preparation for retirement. These educational webinars focus on the Latino experience and enhance dialogue around economic challenges, Savings & Planning, and retirement readiness.


2020 Partner: AARP Multicultural Leadership, visit or follow @AARP and @AARPEnEspañol on social media.


Cafecito y ¡LOTERIA!


Our local Cafecito Y ¡LOTERIA! program aims to increase financial resilience, Savings and Planning, and retirement readiness through educational webinars presented by LSR and certified financial advisors. Our program encourages participation through a “Loteria” card game to introduce key financial terminology and the opportunity to have a conversation with a Certified Financial Advisor. Participants learn to become economically secure and achieve their financial goals.



2020 Partner: AARP Office of Community Engagement, visit or follow @AARP on social media.


Money Moves

LSR’s Money Moves Webinar Series aims to increase financial planning, savings, and retirement readiness through educational webinars presented by our network of certified financial advisors.


Beyond La Quinceañera

Beyond La Quinceañera engages Latinas between the ages of 15-25 on the importance of thinking beyond the rite of passage/community presentation of La Quinceañera. Our program provides young women with the life skills needed to make better financial decisions before entering the workforce and/or an institution of higher learning.


2019 Partner: Samuel High School, LULAC Youth Council 

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